Caravan of knowledge on eco-education for schoolchildren of the gymnasium 9

In the new school year, an environmental action "Caravan of knowledge on eco-education" was launched for schoolchildren in Bishkek which was organized by the Roza Otunbayeva Initiative International Public Foundation in cooperation with the Education Administration of the Bishkek City Hall within the framework of the “Think Globally, Act Locally: Increase Environmental Responsibility among Children and Youth” project. environmental responsibility among children and young people. " 

The caravan started on November 15 at the gymnasium No. 9, where representatives of the eco-project met with 80 6th grade students and gave an interactive lecture-presentation for them with discussion on ecology. In the course of the Caravan, the children received answers to questions such as "how people harm the Nature", "how harmful an environmental plastic and polluted air are ", and most importantly, "how can we help the environment ". 

After the lecture, schoolchildren divided into 4 teams and presented their ideas on environmental conservation.  

At the end of the Caravan, the participants shared their impressions:

Turdubaev Bektur, 12 years old:

"I liked today's lecture because many students understood that we cannot pollute the cities. We must protect our world, plant many trees" 

Svikvons Yanis Yanovich, student of the 6th "E-1" grade:

"I learned a lot of new things. I realize not all people care about their planet. Because of this, not only we suffer, but also animals. We have to prevent this." 

Bakhtiyar Kanybekov, a student of the 6th grade:

"We watched a cartoon today where a person kills animals and pollutes the world. We absolutely cannot do this. We must save the world. We should not harm plants, we should plant a lot of trees. Our planet must live!"

Suranbayev Kolbay Kanatbekovich, student of the 6th "E-1" grade:

"I enjoyed today's lecture. My class and I learned a lot of useful things. We learned how to protect our nature, for example, to throw garbage into garbage cans, not outside and especially after picnic, we should clean up the garbage. We also need to plant a lot of trees and useful things for our city ".

Aydin Tynchylykov, student of the 6th "E-1" grade:

"I learned a lot of useful things: how not to pollute the planet, how to save it so that it lived for many billions of years and even more."

Akylbekova Ademi Akylbekovna, student of the 6th "E-4" grade:

"I am very glad that today we were told that we must not litter, we need to use eco-bags. Many people litter, they need to be explained what not to do. I am very glad that now we know how we can help our planet. I want to thank everyone. " 

Kapralova Veronika Ivanovna, student of the 6th "E-4" class:

"You must not pollute this world. You must not kill animals, you must not litter, you must not spit. The world can die in a few years. Thanks to those who gave us a lecture."

At the end of the Caravan, the organizers gave participants “Rules for a Young Bishkek citizen”, eco-educational posters, a catalog of educational organizations in Bishkek, issued as part of the annual Education Festival, and a set of video clips on respecting nature.

The environmental action "Caravan of knowledge on eco-education" is a continuation of the action "Caravan of knowledge: a mobile science workshop for Bishkek students", conducted since 2015 in city schools, and aims to increase the environmental education of schoolchildren, develop their understanding of modern environmental problems, be conscious in responsibility to preserve nature and take active participation in environmental activities.

Read more about the actions of the eco-project: http://roza.kg/initiative/investing-in-next-generation/eco-project/















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