Conservation of Snow Leopard and its habitats in szyrts of Central Tian-San, Kyrgyzstan

The project , supported by WWF Netherlands, started in  2009 , beginning with the end of 2012 it was co-funded by  WWF US / USAID. The core territory of the project implementation is  Sarychat-Eertash state nature reserve (zapovednik), situated in high mountain area to the south-east of Issyk-Kul lake.

The project includes:

  • Technical support to protected areas
  • Development of alternative forms of income generation by local communities, e.g. felt handicraft production by women’s communities of high mountain villages
  • Establishment and proper management of a herd of yaks - ecologically-friendly form of livestock breeding in high mountain ecosystems - as a subsidiary husbandry of the reserve, ensuring its sustainable management
  • Establishment of local development funds
  • Small alternative sources of energy installation
  • Ecological education - activities with kids and adults
  • Ecological theatre
  • Special actions for raising of public awareness on the problems of nature conservation and their importance for sustainability of local communities - March of Parks, Days of Mountains, of the Earth, Snow leopard, Biodiversity  Days, Snow Leopard Festivals, etc.
  • Analysis of the climate change impact on the high mountain ecosystems and local communities of the project region, development and initial implementation of practical measures on mitigation of the negative impact of the climate change (download pdf, 3 Mb).
  • Support was provided for the organization of the International Snow Leopard Forum in Kyrgyzstan, and the project continues to interact with the International Secretariat on the implementation of the Global Strategy on Snow leopard and its habitats Conservation
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Cсылка: http://www.wwf.ru/about/where_we_work/asia/barskg/eng

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