Welcome to the Festival!

The Festival of Education is an annual event for children that last took place in 2013 in Bishkek. This project combines the formats of an outdoor fair, children's holiday and professional forum in the field of children's and school education.
The main aim of the festival is to encourage children to learn and be creative, and to instill within them the skills to work with knowledge and the desire to think for  themselves from a very early age. It is also an opportunity for parents get to know the wide range of educational services available to them (both free and paid). There were many different types of festival presenters. Educational services were represented by manufacturers of all kinds of goods and services for children - educational cultural and sporting institutions, trading companies and shops, children's clubs and educational centers, publishing houses, museums, theaters, theme parks, etc.
The Festival’s audience included preschool and school-age children, youth, parents, and teachers, psychologists, preschool teachers, and other representatives of the education sector.







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