Towards the 8th Festival of Education: Meetings with High School Students

February 4 to 6, the chairman of the Kyrgyz Association of Software and Service Developers and the IT Academy founder A. Abakirov met with high school students from №91, 96 and 28 in Bishkek. 

In his presentation, A. Abakirov focused on the importance of education in the digital world and introduced schoolchildren with the growing IT market in Kyrgyzstan. He spoke about disappearing and high demanded jobs in the modern world and also emphasized the importance of the participation and success of girls in IT sphere. 

Aizat Kubanychbekova, a graduate of the IT Academy, who was invited to the meeting, shared her educational experience in the framework of the “Programmer Ladies” program. 

The meeting was attended by S. Meyermanova, the head of the Bishkek Department of Education, who emphasized the relevance of modern 21st century skills - soft skills and encouraged the high school students to actively study the basics of programming. 

The Festival of Education coordinator K. Isakkyzy informed the event participants about the outcome of the 7ThFestival of Education “Digital Generation of Kyrgyzstan” and the upcoming the 8thFestival of Education “Digital Literacy”, which will be held on April 18, 2020. Stay tuned!








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